Everyone involved in the weird and often wacky world of The Punch Drunk Pirates, identifies as a Fitzroy Lodge boxer first, and a band associate thereafter. We refer to ourselves as a family, because we all look out for each other; we are organically a gang of givers, not takers. This whole band project, has only been possible, because so many Lodge relatives have been so generous in giving their time and expertise for absolutely nothing; no one ever charges in our world; contributing is a reward in itself. So here are a few well deserved thank-you messages...

Mark Reigate, Head Coach at the club, for taking over from the irreplaceable Mick Carney and ensuring business carries on as usual.

The Gibson clan; Charlie, Alex and Fred, as well as that gentle giant of a man Henry Counsell, for making dreams come true and sorting out the Abbey Road recording sessions.

Fred Gibson especially, for not only producing the Pirates songs in the studio, but also for developing the live arrangements for the ten songs in OXBLOOD RED; AN EASTEND SAGA. As a professional record producer and musician, Fred works with the Premier League of musical talent on a daily basis. How he finds the patience to work with our ‘Hackney Marshes pub team’ in comparison, is beyond comprehension. 

007 himself, Chris Terrill and 008 Will Pope, for giving us the Oxblood Red video and making possibly the ugliest band in Europe, look almost presentable. And of course Christine Terrill (known colloquially as Mrs Chris) for putting up with his nibs spending even more time away from home than he does already. Chris is an extraordinary documentary film-maker and we are indebted to his company Uppercut Films for so many generous contributions over the years.

Nick Paterson-Jones for putting this website together and devoting so much time and energy into the project. He is a creative genius whose generosity knows no boundaries. Over the years, Nick’s company ByInstinct has provided every piece of design the family ever needed, from brochures to websites, from flyers to t-shirts. He is a back-bone of this community.

To the cast of OXBLOOD RED; AN EASTEND SAGA, who will be performing for nothing to raise money for the kids at the Fitzroy Lodge Boxing Club.

Every penny raised from our two nights at the Union Theatre in November, will be donated to buying equipment, to ensure young people engaging with the noble art, will continue to do so in a top quality facility. There are currently loads of kids out there, whose mums and dads might be finding it really tough. But we don’t think that should prevent any youngster from being welcomed as an equal and discovering the wonderful world of boxing.

Neil and Sasha at the Union Theatre, for letting us use their magnificent auditorium for what amounts to the cost of the electric; they also buy into the concept of raising money for the kids.

And last but not least, to all the ‘other-halfs’ of Saturday morning pugilists. They are the silent sufferers, waiting patiently for us to return home later than promised every week. We arrive home knackered but happy, battered but fulfilled! Deep down I feel sure they understand, we don’t want to fight; we need to fight!!