an eastend saga

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The Union Theatre, 229 Union St, London SE1 0LR

5th + 6th November 2017 | APPLY FOR TICKETS >>>

Big Terry Swan, an old skinhead from the traditional mould,
Wakes up on his 60th birthday, feeing lonely and old,
Stuck in a Poplar Tower Block, wife and kids gone, mates moved on,
The 21st Century pushed aside, the values of this old ex-con.

He has a walk round his old East End, to find out why,
He drinks far too much, and has a tendency to cry,
Why he used to be respected, even after he was arrested,
But now feels all washed up, isolated and rejected.

Can Big Terry turn his life around, find a way to vent his angst,
At rampant globalisation, and wankers in Canary Wharf banks?
Come and check-out this riveting tale, of how contemporary greed,
Left this ageing tower block resident, feeling like an ancient breed.

Join us in our heart-felt songs, and hear our poetic narration,
As we challenge the views and values, of this current generation,
Help us explore relationships, and what it means to be a man,
Is losing a sense of community, letting our children down?

Written by Glenn Charles

first blood


Tickets on sale!

HOT OFF THE PRESS, the first ticket for OXBLOOD RED; AN EASTEND SAGA has been sold. Flamboyant Italian artist Franko B, slaps a tenner into Glenn's hand and books his seat for the Monday night performance. Adverts will be going out shortly, but tickets are on sale as from now!!